Q&A: Todd Haley 12/4

Following Chiefs practice today in Kansas City, Todd Haley met with the media.

Is Kolby Smith an injured reserve candidate?

“We’ll see after further evaluation.  We’ll know a little more after today.”

You script a number of plays, how many?

“Usually do about 10 or 11.  Again, usually the better you start the more you stay on that script.  We’ve been veering away from the top 10 quite a bit.”

What’s the benefit of scripting?

“Some guys believe in it, some guys don’t.  Some guys don’t write ‘em down but they have them.  I think when you can give the team a little heads up the night before about what to expect it sometimes helps the process along and gives them a chance to mentally go through those first few snaps, sets your mentality as an offense.  We usually have an offensive staff meeting where everybody ranks their starters. Again, it’s just a starting point as much as anything.”

Do you spend more time since you’ve struggled establishing anything early in the game?

“I think that’s a little more difficult question because there are a lot of factors like where you’re at on the field, is it third down, second down, first down.  I think everybody has a call-sheet, so to speak, to lead you, where to go to, where you’re at situation-wise.  Then, there’s a lot of feel involved.  How you’re holding up pass protection-wise, how you’re running the football. There are so many variables that it’s a little more difficult.”

What are the similarities between the Denver offense and your offense?

“I couldn’t answer that.  I know terminology-wise there is a lot of similarities.  They have a different team than we have.  I think each year there is an evolution for every team, what you kind of get good at and what you hang your hat on and what kind of game plan.  I know they’re a game-plan team very much like us but you see some different wrinkles every week.”

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