Q&A: Todd Haley 9/11

After Chiefs practice in Kansas City today, Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

Opening statement:

“On the quarterback as I’ve said the last couple of days, it’s going to continue to go right down to the wire with Matt.  He participated today but again I think that’s going to be a decision that goes right down to the wire.”

If Matt can’t start you have not decided yet?

“Still not decided.  All those (quarterbacks) got reps this week, really, because there are a lot of different scenarios that could go on.”

Think this might be causing some problems for Baltimore trying to figure out who the QB is?

“I don’t know.  You’d have to ask them.  But I think this first game is difficult regardless of the circumstances.  You add different variables in – how much you pay attention to those is probably up to each team.  It’s a hard week regardless and we’ve got enough to worry about on our end really without worrying about how they’re feeling.”

How has Larry Johnson looked this week?  The offensive line has been in flux and a running back can only be as good as his line sometimes.

“I thought the line came together in the last game while they were in there together.  I think the more time they’re together the better.  I think that’s a group that’s worked real hard and I think that’s a group that’s going to pride itself on being a physical group when the game’s over.  Larry matches that same mentality.  He’s a physical back that needs carries.  I think he’s a back that gets stronger as the game goes on.  So, I think you have to use him appropriately.”

On the wide receivers:

“I think that’s another group that was shakier but, through hard work, they’ve kind of come together a bit and jelled.  Guys are starting now to get it, which is what we want everybody to do: it’s to understand what we want.  I think we’re starting to see that from that group also.  Again, Sunday will be a great challenge for the entire team, special teams included because of all the work that we’ve put in will be put to the test against a very good team.”

Are you surprised on the progress Matt has made over the past couple of weeks?

“When you get a player who has a great desire to be in the lineup, it’s sometimes a case of mind over matter.  When you get a player that has that mentality and who has a pretty high pain threshold, that’s usually a pretty good combination for a coach because then you’ve got a guy who you’re going to have a hard time keeping him out of the lineup.  At least that’s been my experience with those types of guys.  They find their way back faster than the average guy.”

On Tank Tyler:

“Started to show progress.  Again, this week will be the true test.  This is the real game, regular season game one.  We’ll have to see where Tank is at after this Baltimore game and we’ll know a lot more at that time.  The St. Louis game was encouraging but again, that was 15 days or so ago.  Sunday is what counts.”

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