Q&A: Todd Haley 9/15

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley met with the media today.  Here are the highlights:

On the Oakland Raiders:

“They look big and fast and physical.  We’ve watched a lot of tape on Oakland and they’re a good team with a lot of weapons on both sides of the ball.  Their new weapon in Seymour looks like a very disruptive player.”

On the wide receivers:

“Again, I’m looking for guys who do it the way we want it done.  Like I tell them: are you doing it how we’re coaching you and then it comes down to how well are you able to do it.  Talent is the great separator.  There may be some guys who are doing it the way we want it done but maybe they’re just not good enough.  Then maybe there are some guys that probably potentially could be really good but they’re not doing it the way we want it done.  I want football players who are physical, physical receivers like I want at every position, guys who help block in the run game.  I want football players, not just pass catchers, and then that have the ability to make plays when their number is called and in critical situations in difficult press coverage man-to-man.”

Was the quarterback position the difference against the Ravens?

“I thought Brodie played the type of game he had to play to give us a chance to win.  Again, I cannot stress enough to go into that environment – especially opening the season against what will end up being a very good defense in the league I believe – and not have the penalties and the turnovers that had to happen.  Now, we ended in the plus (turnover) category and didn’t win and that’s not generally the case.  But Brodie played the game we had to play to give us a chance to win and up until two minutes left the score was tied against one of the better teams in the league.”

On JaMarcus Russell:

“I think this young quarterback at least from what I’ve seen this year is much improved.  He’s a big, strong, athletic guy who can run and can hurt you in a bunch of ways.  He has an extremely strong arm and he can be very accurate.  I think he showed some of that last night.  He’s a hard sack, even if you get to him it’s not going to be easy to get him down because he is so big and strong.  I think he is the complete package and with a year under his belt I think you’ll see him get better and better.”

Is Seymour the kind of playmaker you have to account for, or build a game plan around?

“I think it was pretty clear last night he’s a very disruptive player. Whenever you have a player like that up front on a defense offensively you have to be aware of that guy and do things that help keep him from being disruptive.”

On Brandon Flowers:

“Kind of like Matt (Cassel).  He’s done everything and he wants to play.  He’s been in here – been here yesterday and today.  Generally, when you have a guy that wants to play the healing process speeds up for him.  Again, on Wednesday we’ll have to evaluate where we’re at but I would say he’s making progress.”

How up to speed are you on the Chiefs – Raiders rivalry?

“Growing up in the household that I grew up in the Steelers-Raiders rivalry was important.  Once you have it I don’t think you ever lose it.  It’s not like some point in my life I said, ‘hey, I like these guys, they’re cool.’  I’m very aware of that around here and the history of it.  I’ve paid attention to it over the years and understand there are a lot of things that have gone on and fanned the fire.  I think that’s what makes the NFL great, what makes the conferences great and the divisions great.  The more you keep them together like the NFL has been able to do the more you have some of this.  I just think it adds to it and makes it more exciting.”

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