Q&A: Todd Haley 9/16

Following today’s Chiefs practice in Kansas City, Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

On Brandon Flowers:

“Brandon, again, has done everything over the weekend and yesterday and Monday to get himself back on the field.  He’ll be listed as questionable.  He’s made progress from last week.  Again, it’ll be an evaluation process with him also.”

Your running game wasn’t obviously what you had hoped it would be last week.  Is there something you as the play caller could do to help get it going?

“I think there is always something the play caller could do.  Again, I thought in that game the situation dictated a lot.  We kind of had a game plan we were going to go with.  Would have I liked less three-and-outs?  Yes.  Would that have helped our run game?  Probably.  There is always something the play caller could do and I wasn’t perfect by any means.”

You said you’re in the Raider mode.  Coaches here in the past have made this is a big deal.  Is this going to be more of a rivalry thing with you guys?  Is that an important thing to establish?

“It’s a tough thing as a coach because every game is just as important as the next.  You don’t know what game is going to make the difference at the end of the year and games that you think do might not, others vice versa.  Every game needs to be of equal importance and if it’s not there is something wrong.  That being said, division games, and I don’t care if it’s Oakland, San Diego or Denver, those games obviously weigh in the playoffs different than the other games.  They’re division games, this is a home game, all those things factored in…the fact that this is the Oakland Raiders.  I think it’s a big game.  Now, is it bigger than the rest?  I don’t know that.”

On new WR Bobby Wade:

“I think we’ve got to get him quickly into the mix.  Bobby (Wade) is a guy that I have some background with.  He’s got some punt return ability.  He hasn’t done it in a while but he’s done it and done it at a high level at times.  We’ve got to get him going quick because if we are going to use him as a punt returner he needs to be able to play some other plays because five or six plays or whatever is isn’t enough.  He was in here late last night and working hard early this morning.”

On the Oakland running backs:

“They are a great trio of backs and I don’t like to throw the word great around.  But I think that they are.  McFadden coming out was one of my favorite players.  He’s a hard running son-of-a-gun who hits it hard, so you’d better be ready.  Bush is another guy that I liked coming out who had some injury issues.  He kind of got lost in the shuffle but when I saw his name go out to Oakland I thought to myself, they’ve got something there.  Fargas is a guy that if you’re paying attention you see him make plays.  He’s probably the most elusive of the group and they each bring a little something different and I think they’re all very good.”

On Zach Miller:

“There’s no doubt that Zach is a tremendous tight end and he’s only going to get better.  He’s an impressive guy to watch.  Catches almost all the balls thrown to him.  He’s physical.  He’s a nice looking tight end and any time you’ve got a player of that caliber you’ve got to defend him, keep him from being a major factor in the game, if that’s possible.”

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