Q&A: Todd Haley 9/18

Following Chiefs practice today in Kansas City, Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

Is Matt Cassel still going to be a game time decision?

“Yeah, I think that’s the safest.  If I make a promise now and something doesn’t go according to plan or vice versa.  I think both those guys, Flowers and Matt again are both clearly ahead of where they were last week at this time.  So, that’s positive but I think that this will be a deal where we will have to make sure they’re good to go.  We’ll make it probably Sunday morning.”

Do you worry about a rust factor with the quarterback?

“For sure.  We’ve made some pretty drastic changes around here offensively and that includes terminology and even though he was in the meetings it’s not quite the same when you’re out there and going through the huddle.  I would say it set him back a little bit and he’s got to accelerate himself and study extra and put extra time in to catch up.  But it’s a learning curve out there for everybody right now offensively.”

When you have a guy like Flowers who you can trust and leave out on an island and bring a little more pressure from your linebackers, does he kind of change what you can do defensively?

“I don’t know if it necessarily changes the mentality, but when you have a good player and a player who has shown his abilities you want him out on the field whoever that player is.  If you have good players who aren’t on the field, well, that’s an issue.  We’ve got some guys that have stepped up and can play the position and play it well and those guys have to step up when things like this happen.  Having good players on the field is critical.  Having them sitting on the bench or sitting at home is not the way we want it to go.”

Derrick Johnson made a big play last week and a lot of fans thought he’d get more playing time this week.  Is he doing the things to get more playing time?

“I think Derrick made a huge play for us in the game.  There is no doubt about it.  Now, he’s had a good week of practice I would say and again I would say the guys that are doing it the way we want it done and we feel give us the best chance to win, they’ll be out there.”

How do you approach a team with a great cover corner: be aggressive and go after him or stay away from him?

“I’ve never thought that way.  We think more of our players and what they’re capable of.  If they put their best player on our best player then we believe our best player has to find a way to win.  We think players first and plays second.  And, you’ve got to know your opponent and know who and where those guys are.  You have to know where those guys are all the time.  That’s part of the week and the study.  I just talked about it to the team this morning and the importance of knowing each individual guy and his strengths and weaknesses.”

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