Q&A: Todd Haley 9/23

Following Chiefs practice today in Kansas City, Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

Is there a quarterback controversy?

“No, there is not a quarterback controversy.  My message is going to continue to be consistent to you guys, and I just want you all to understand that.  That was all intentional.”

On Glenn Dorsey:

“I think that Glenn has continued to make progress in the last few weeks.  As has been noted, he was a guy who kind of let himself go shape-wise, conditioning-wise in the offseason.  It was a long way back (but) he’s worked hard to get back and I think he’s finally in a position body-weight and condition-wise where he can go to work and start to see some improvement.  I think he’s seeing that and that is leading to some confidence on his part and I think that’s all good stuff.  The important thing is that he stays where he’s at or better on his conditioning and stays on top of that week-in and week-out and continues to let that confidence build and be a disruptive player for us.”

Do expect to prepare for some use of QB Michael Vick for this weekend?

“I would definitely be prepared for it, yes.  You have some other problems too.  They showed nine snaps or so of this wildcat or whatever you want to call it.  I would expect that if he is in the lineup and active that he could be a part of that similar to some of the preseason stuff.  Like I said, that’s the wave right now, this wildcat wave.  We spent a lot of time as a defensive staff in the offseason and even as an offensive staff trying to be as prepared as we could for some of those things.  Obviously, on game day it’s being ready for whatever tweaks they’ve made to it.”

Do you have to prepare for a bunch of different guys in the wildcat as well?

“Well yeah. I think for sure because you don’t always know what skills those guys have other than what you’ve seen them play at their position.  If you had a guy like (QB) Michael (Vick) playing it, you know he probably throws, I would think, better than any of them, so that adds another dimension to it with his ability to run and throw.”

On Kevin Kolb:

“I think he can really throw the football.  I think that was obvious last week.  Even last year, when we (Arizona Cardinals) were going in there, there was a little question in one of those early games whether (QB) Donovan (McNabb) would play or not.  I know there was a fear of if this other guy gets in, he’s pretty darn good too.  He’s a talented guy that obviously has been taking his time learning from the guy in front of him and understands the offense and the tempo with which they want to run it and does a good job of executing it a far as I can tell.”

On Bobby Wade:

“I think Bobby was a definite positive for us. He came in, that’s a difficult situation for a player, many times I’ve been a part of somebody coming in like that and you’re trying to get them up to speed and rarely does it work out as smooth as it did for him.  Make no mistake, it was totally different.  It was all new.  There wasn’t one common thing system-wise that he was learning, so he really had to learn it from scratch.  I thought he came into the game and contributed and should have been a part of helping us win in the end. I think when a guy does that, that’s pretty impressive as far as I’m concerned.”

You want to eventually do some of the things that the Eagles do – up-tempo, fast, down the field, a lot of plays.

“Eventually, yes.  Eventually, we’re not there yet.  Eventually that is the way you would like to operate: up-tempo, continuing to press the defense and keep them on their heels.  Like I said, we’re not there yet.  It’s clear that they’ve been in a system for an extended period of time and they integrate guys in and they do a great job coaching and having players ready every week.”

Good to hear straight from the horses mouth: There is no quarterback controversy.  Glad we could get that out of the way.  I tried to explain why there was no chance of a controversy, but it’s good to have the head coach get out there in front of the media the day after the talk starts to set the record straight.

My biggest concern going into Philadelphia is definitely Michael Vick.  He is a polarizing figure even when dealing just with his play on the field, but I have no doubt that he still has the athletic ability to give the Chiefs defense a lot of trouble Sunday.  The wildcat is tough to defend when it’s a running back that will have to make a perfect pass to hit a big play, but with Vick being able to throw the ball long at any time I can only imagine what Haley and DC Clancy Pendergast are thinking.

It really is amazing when you think of what Bobby Wade was able to do this past week.  It would be different if he played in Haley’s offense last season in Arizona, but to come in and have no knowledge of the playbook and be able to contribute that much is mind boggling.  Once he is comfortable with the offense and what he has to do, he could end up being the type of compliment to Dwayne Bowe that I hoped Bobby Engram could be when he was signed in the offseason.

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