Q&A: Todd Haley 9/24

Following practice today in Kansas City, Chiefs coach Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

Is Dwayne Bowe going to be on the injury report today?

“He’ll show up as partial today.  He’s got a little something with his leg that came up, but he worked partially today and I’m hopeful that will clear up.”

On the day’s practice:

“I feel like today it was pretty warm out there but we had high energy with the pads on and I thought it was a good practice today all the way around in all three phases.  I really did and Thursdays are the longest and the hardest and the ones you can lose focus.  But I think they got better as the day went on and finished strong.  I was encouraged by today.”

How critical is it that you guys get a win here?

“That’s our job.  That’s what everybody is getting paid and coach for: to win games.  Again, we’re 0-2 in the first quarter of the season now.  I just fight the urge to fall into the trap that we’re 0-and-anything other than two.  We’ve had a chance to win both games and we didn’t.  Like I said earlier in the week, we could be 2-0 right now or we could be 1-1 and 0-2 and we’re 0-2.  Obviously, every week that you get ready to go is a must win.  If you’re thinking it’s okay to turn one in you probably won’t be around for long.  We’ve got to find ways to win a game.  Like I said, we had opportunities to win both games and didn’t get it done for whatever reason.  This is our game that we’re worried about right now and we’re not worried about anything else – not anything outside of this building, this practice field and once we get on the plane and field in Philadelphia that’s where the focus and concern will be.”

How much does the team feed off you?  How much do they need to hear what happened in Arizona?  How much do you change?

“I hope that I’m a part of it.  I hope that I’m able to be a part of it in their minds.  But at the same time, I’m the leader of this team.  I’ve got to kind of lay out what we expect of them and what’s expected.  I even said it yesterday: I can’t give them confidence.  They’re going to get confidence by working, by being prepared, by taking care of their bodies, doing all those things to be ready to play and be ready to make that play when that situation in that game comes.  I hope that I’m a part of it but more in the way of laying out what we need to do around here and giving them guidance.”

In your quest to find out what these guys can do, how close are you to know this team?

“We’re two games in, an off-season and OTA session in and it is a process.  It is a process and that’s what I’ve got to keep reminding myself.  Rome was not built in a day but as long as their convictions are true and they believe where we’re going we’ll be alright.  There’s work to do.”

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