Q&A: Todd Haley 9/30

Following Chiefs practice today in Kansas City, Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

On the trade of Tyler Thigpen:

“Again, we made it pretty clear whenever we have the opportunity to make this team better either now or in the future we’re going to do it.  It was a situation where we have four quarterbacks and Miami has an injury and they expressed some interest.  We thought it was the best thing for us and I think it’s a great opportunity for Tyler.  He’s down there with a lot of people that I know personally – most specifically the coordinator who I think is a great teacher of quarterbacks.  I think it’s a great opportunity for Tyler and I’m happy for him in that way.”

You made it clear if one guy isn’t getting the job done, but on the offensive line are you better served at this point to just find five guys and let them work together?

“Some people could say that and I think that’s an easy way out.  I think we’re in the process of shaping this team and I think it’s critical that we understand and all the players understand, everybody understands that this is the beginning stages of the process.  One thing that’s going to be clear to the players is there are going to be changes here as we try to improve each week.  They can’t let it affect them in any way, shape or form other than to push them to be better.  We’ve been pretty clear with the guys about that.”

On new TE Leonard Pope:

“Leonard’s a big guy who’s real tough, fast, can really stretch the field.  I think he’s a great individual – one of my favorites there from Arizona who will give you a full day’s work and your money’s worth every single day.  He likes to play and he likes to practice.  He’s my kind of guy.  When we got the opportunity to bring somebody in we were happy to get Leonard.  He’s practicing to play.  It’s a huge advantage that he’s coming into a situation where he knows a lot of the (play) stuff that’s going on and that will obviously help him.”

How much of these in-season roster moves are a reaction to the outcome of the game last Sunday?

“I don’t think anything was grab-bagged.  These are all guys we had worked out weeks ago – each one of these guys we had seen at a time prior so we had them on our list.  It was not a knee jerk reaction; it was guys we had talked about and wanted to figure out ways to get on our teams.  At the same time, as I said the other day, it’s not going to stay the same.  I think that will serve us well as we go forward and as we improve and continue finding the types of guys we need to go forward with.”

On Monty Beisel:

“Monty was a guy that I had familiarity with.  It just didn’t work out.  I love everything about Monty and how he works and prepares and what he brings to the team.  It was a numbers thing, number one.  Number two, a depth thing where he probably would have liked to have been playing a lot more and had kind of been relegated to special teams.”

On Brandon Flowers:

“I expect Brandon to be one of our better players.  I expect him to be one of the better players in the league at his position.  So, my expectations are real high for Brandon.  I think his expectations are pretty high, too.  If you can say something about him he’s steady.  He doesn’t get a lot of opportunities but when he gets opportunities I’d like to see him make plays.  But he’s one of our better defensive players and has battled through an injury that a lot of guys wouldn’t be practicing or playing with.  I got a lot of positive about Brandon.  I want him to be great.”

On new linebacker David Herron and cornerback Mike Richardson:

“I like for number one that he’s fast.  He’s got very good speed, a run-and-hit guy and what I know of him he’s got a chance to be a good special teamer first.  Any chance we’ve got to improve our team speed I think we need to do it.  Mike Richardson, the Notre Dame corner, he’s another fast guy.  I think, again, if we can improve our team speed on either side we need to do it.”

Last week with all the penalties and 19 in the last two games, are you taking any special steps this week to address that?

“Yeah, we’re going back to training camp mode as far as any kind of flinches or things – some of the stuff you saw in training camp like going to the fence and any little reminders that it’s not all right.  In-season it’s easy to get out of that mode because you’ve got very few reps to get a guy ready because you disrupt practice.  But we’re going to disrupt practice.”

How did Tyler Thigpen take news of the trade?

“I don’t want to speak for Tyler.  Tyler’s a great kid that I was really excited about and was making progress here, especially the last week or so and I think he saw that progress.  But for myself, I think this is a great opportunity for him also.  I know a bunch of those guys down there and I know how they’re going to coach him.”

What do the Giants do well?

“That they’re excellent on the road, that’s the big thing.  They consistently for the last couple of years have been a team that has won on the road and if you’re able to do that you are generally a pretty good team.  They run the ball well, they’ve got a fast defense and some excellent pass rushers and some guys that can cover and a quarterback who understands the game – a firm grasp of what’s going on there play-in and play-out.  They’ve got an offensive line that’s worked together and is well-coached by a former colleague of mine.  They’re well coached all the way around.  They’re not too flashy or have a lot of bells and whistles.”

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