Q&A: Todd Haley On Mandatory Mini-Camp

Following today’s mandatory mini-camp, Chiefs coach Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

On Brian Waters and Mike Vrabel, two players appearing for the first time this offseason:

“I think it was good to see them out there, see them out there with their teammates and practicing and getting involved.  You could tell there is going to be an acclimation period, a learning period, but I thought for the first time out it was okay.”

If Waters’ issues with the team are over with:

“He is here; he’s practicing.  That’s what I want. I’m not, Scott’s not, in the business of giving players away.  He’s here and working and trying to learn what we’re teaching and trying to do it the way we’re teaching it.  That’s what I’m for. We obviously need as many players as we can get.”

On Waters not being with the first team during practice:

“You can speculate whatever you want to speculate – but everybody’s competing.  The fact that we’ve had a bunch of guys here for three months every day those guys deserve to run with the first group because there has to be a first group.  But every position is wide open. It is an open competition and these guys are very clear on that.  They’re trying to make the most of each opportunity they have to show what they’re capable of doing.”

If Mike Vrabel is expected to be a leader:

“There is no doubt that part of the reason Mike’s here is that leadership and the fact that he’s been around a team that’s got some rings on their fingers.  It was obvious to me just in one day – although in all the conversations I’ve had with him it was pretty obvious – that he knows what is going on; he knows what you have to do.  It’s obvious to me that he came in in pretty good shape which tells you he understands what it takes.  He’s a prideful guy who wants to win and I have no doubt he’ll help us from a leadership standpoint.”

As to be expected, it was the Brian Waters Q&A.  Not too much new information, though both he and Waters both sounded like there was a lot more going on than just a simple “I always workout on my own”.  I think we can put to bed this idea that Waters was sitting at home pouting was just a media creation.  It’s clear that he is not happy here and you know what…  Tough luck.  The Chiefs hold all the cards here and it is all on Waters to get with the program and to start acting like an adult.

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