Quietest Offseason Ever?

The Kansas City Chiefs have seen plenty of beat writers come and go over the years, but Bob Gretz has been a constant for thirty years now.  This morning he says the 2010 Chiefs offseason has been the quietest in the last three decades and that it means something different for the staff, players and fans.

For Pioli/Haley and their staffs, it’s a wonderful moment of silence where players are improving individually and in turn, they are improving as a team.  That seems the very obvious focus of 86 of their 87 players.

For the guys on the roster, the last dozen weeks have been very important moments individually and together to build the necessary foundation to turn around a franchise that’s gone 10-38 in the last three seasons.  That’s the worst three-year stretch in the 50-year history of Lamar Hunt’s baby.  To turn around a unique negative moment in time takes an opposing unique positive moment.  The pendulum must swing back the other way, and that’s what’s happened here for these players.

For the fans, there is hope.  Every team in the league serves out healthy doses of enthusiasm and dreams for their team in the time leading into the season.  It’s so much easier to do so when the record is 0-0 and the real games are still three months away.  The talk coming out of the Chiefs offices is generally positive; although not so much that it seems ridiculous or stupid.  A dozen times in speaking to the media in just the last couple months, Haley has said he’s not crazy, he knows the team went 4-12 last year.  The balloon of hope can deflate very quickly with a couple big injuries, problems signing Eric Berry-Dexter McCluster-Javier Arenas or unexpected mayhem that could come from the six weeks where the players are on their own.

The whole Dwayne Bowe mess seemed to distract fans and media alike from the fact that the Chiefs have had very few issues since the end of the season.

Jamaal Charles and Brandon Flowers had surgery that was expected, the Chiefs hired two Super Bowl winning coordinators, Matt Cassel welcomed a new baby home and every player outside of Jarrad Page has been at the Chiefs complex most days.  When those are your (non-Bowe) headlines, it bodes will for the next three months.

Though of course as Gretz notes, all it takes is one nasty holdout to put a bit of a slime on a positive offseason.

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