Quote: “Anquan Will Be Traded Before Training Camp”

Super Agent Drew Rosenhaus took to Twitter with his prediction of how the situation with Anquan Boldin and the rosenhaus1Cardinals will ultimately end.

“I still believe Anquan will be traded before training camp.  I hope to work together with the Cardinals to resolve this situation by then.”

Oh, boy.  Just when I thought the Boldin-to-be-traded talk had died down, Drew decides to make sure it stays on the top of everyone’s mind with a quick tweet.  Besides the discussion of how Twitter can/will change the way sports figures communicate with the public, how about Rosenhaus making such a bold comment?  Not that anything that comes out of his mouth/I-Phone is surprising, but the level of certainty in his statement definitely struck me.  So if he is so sure Boldin will be traded the next question becomes: Are the Chiefs interested?  I still don’t believe Scott Pioli wants to be in the Anquan Boldin business.  And not just because of the draft picks it will cost, but also the amount of years/dollars he will have to shell out to keep Boldin happy.  Not to mention this is all assuming Boldin and Todd Haley both really want to work together again.  Let the discussion begin again!

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