Quote: “As of today, I’m a Kansas City Chief”

Kansas City Chiefs guard Brian Waters finally showed up and was a part of Todd Haley’s offseason program as the team opened up a mandatory mini-camp.  Bob Gretz caught up with the veteran guard following practice.  While he was there and working, Waters did not sound like the most excited participant when he was asked if he wanted to be a part of the Chiefs.waters9

“Today I do, that’s why I’m here.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here.  If that changes, then the right people will be notified.”

Though listening to Waters, it seemed like not much has changed since his first meeting with Haley that soured him on the Chiefs in the first place.

“When it’s time for business, I try to take care of it at that time and when it’s time for football, I try to take care of it at that time.  This weekend is about football.  I’m glad to be here with my teammates.  I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future.  Whatever happens in the future is going to be between me and the organization.  As of today, I’m a Kansas City Chief.”

While he may have been non-committal about his future with the team, Waters was quite clear why he skipped the previous OTA sessions.

“I’m never here in the offseason.  This idea of me skipping OTAs, skipping workouts because of some other thing is not true.  I’m rarely here in the off-season.  I’m always here for mandatory things.  I’m almost never here for the OTAs or offseason program.  I wanted to make sure to clear that up.”

The veteran was also quick to address his absence from Wednesday’s First Downs for Down Syndrome charity event.

“I had no idea that the charity (event) was going on at that particular date and time.  I hadn’t communicated with anybody and nobody had communicated with me.  To think that I would skip out of a charity event that I was involved in for any reason is really not my style, it’s really not my character.”

So a mixed bag with Waters.  As I mentioned earlier, it’s pretty clear that Waters does not want to be a part of the Kansas City Chiefs and it’s too bad since he has no control over the situation.  All he needs to do is stay in town, work with his teammates and get ready for next season.  It is good to see him speak so emotionally about the charity event that he missed.  I believe him 100% when he says he didn’t know about the event, but I bet he would have known all about it if he would have attended the OTAs like virtually everyone else on the roster.  Hopefully no matter what led to the bad blood, media hype and missed charity event, we can all now move forward.

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