Quote: “I Don’t Know Why He Wants To Do It”

Hall of Fame quarterback Len Dawson is currently at the NFL rookie symposium in Florida.  But it wasn’t a rookie on his mind today, but instead 18-year-veteran Brett Favre and the continuing drama surrounding his retirement.  Dawson was LenDawson1quick to question Favre’s desire to play for a division rival.

“I don’t know why he wants to do it.  What has he played, 18, 19 years?  He’s relatively healthy.  I assume he has all the money he needs.  What made him what he was is what’s inside him, how he loved the game.  To me, he’s picking some teams I don’t understand.  To be in Green Bay all those years and then go to Minnesota, that will arouse a lot of people. … This is a strong rival, not just a rival.”

Dawson played the final 14 years of his 19-year career with the Chiefs, leading Kansas City to the Super Bowl IV victory in the 1969 season.  When asked if he would ever have considered playing for a Chiefs rival such as the Raiders, Broncos or Chargers, Dawson smiled politely and shook his head.

“No, not at all.  I played 19 years and knew that I wasn’t the same quarterback that I was early in my career.  You know, you may be kidding yourself a little, but you know.  He’s not the same quarterback he was in the past. He can’t be. … I had some great years in Kansas City and eventually you have to say, when is enough?  How much is enough?”

Mr. Dawson, that is the million dollar question.  The New York Jets have already cost themselves a season (and a coach) to find out the answer and the Vikings are on the verge of doing the same thing.  I get it: players play, coaches coach, teachers teach, etc.  But at some point you need to realize the game has passed you by and you are not only doing damage to yourself but also the teams you are playing on.  It’s a young man’s game, Brett.  Time to go.

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