Brandon Flowers Pick 6: Count The Middle Fingers

The Kansas City Chiefs intercepted Oakland Raiders quarterbacks six times on Sunday on their way to a 28-0 victory.  Two of those were courtesy of CB Brandon Flowers, who had the pleasure of picking off both Kyle Boller and Carson Palmer.

After being shaken up late in the first half with what looked like a shoulder injury, I wondered if the Raiders would try to pick on Flowers in the second half.  Try they did, but the picking was done by Flowers as he took his second interception of the day back to the house, untouched.

Flowers celebrated by putting his foot up on the football and flexing.  Using the football as a prop drew a 15-yard penalty, but it was well worth it considering the game was well in hand and it came at the expense of taunting the fans in the black hole.

Earlier in the game, Dwayne Bowe thought he scored a touchdown and did his “Bowe Show” celebration an arms reach away from the fans and was doused with inaccurately thrown beer.  Flowers was smarter and stayed in the end zone so the only way the fans could abuse him was with their words and fingers.

See if you can pick out just how many middle fingers this small section of fans are flashing at Flowers.  I think I see four, with at least two potential birds cut off at the top of the photo.


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