Raiders Coach Tom Cable Conference Call

Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable spoke with the Kansas City media today.  Here are the highlights:

On JaMarcus Russell’s performance Monday night:

“I saw some very good things and some things that still need to get better.  I thought his poise was tremendous, he handled himself well.  He went back in after getting dinged a little bit in the ankle, went back in and made a couple big plays.  We definitely have improved a great deal there, would like to see him be a little more accurate at times.”

On the Oakland defense:

“I think it’s improving.  I think DE Richard (Seymour) adds something to it.  But I think the most important thing is that it puts it in perspective, what team defense is all about.  He comes from that, that’s certainly kind of been the way of New England and we’re trying to develop that similar mentality here.”

Oakland, like Kansas City is going through some transition, which a lot of times leads to being the underdog in a lot of situations, how does the perspective change when you’re not the underdog anymore – when you’re expected to win after not having won for awhile?

“You hit it on the head.  For us, we’re two teams trying to do the same thing – learn how to win and achieve.  That’s not an easy process.  I don’t even think about who’s favored, who’s not right now.  We’re just trying to improve and get our opportunities, and when they come, take advantage of them.”

Who do you expect to see at quarterback for the Chiefs Sunday?


You commented about RB Darrius Heyward-Bey being wide-eyed, looked nervous. How did he respond to those comments and how do you expect him to respond this weekend?

“Well I expect him to respond like a pro, learn from Monday night, come out and be better this Sunday.”

What about other young guy, WR Louis Murphy?

“He’s the same way.  He’s a very excitable guy.  Coming from Florida, he’s been in that environment quite a bit.  I don’t know if that’s fazed him much.  The details in what he’s doing at his position have to continue to improve.”

What’s the culture like right now with staff and ownership?  Have you turned the corner from what you went through last year?

“I think that’s behind us.  I think we’ve moved forward and we’re excited about what we’re trying to build here.  We’re excited about this team’s effort and how it is becoming a team.  Just continue the hard work it takes to learn how to win consistently.”

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