Raiders Take On ESPN

On the same day the Oakland Raiders announced they would look into claims of abuse against head coach Tom Cable that ESPN brought to light this week, they also took shots at the World Wide Leader.

“ESPN’s role in this matter must be carefully examined,” the Raiders said in a statement.  “ESPN routinely disseminates falsehoods about the Raiders.  During the last year, ESPN (working with someone who was in this organization) engaged in a calculated effort to distort the truth about the Raiders, utilizing lies and innuendo.”

Last year, Chris Mortensen reported that controlling interest in the Raiders was available for sale, without giving the Raiders a chance to respond.

Mortensen later admitted that he was wrong not to check with the team, and he apologized to the Raiders.

So, by “routinely” they actually mean “once”.

I won’t be leading the charge to defend ESPN’s reporting, but has it really come to this for the Raiders?

Your head coach breaks another coaches jaw, but his assistants were too scared for their job to speak up so he got away without even a slap on the wrist.  Then ESPN reports Cable has a history of violence, and in these cases violence towards women.  So obviously the logical next step is to — while saying you will investigate along with the NFL — already decide that ESPN is spreading lies about the franchise.

It can be argued that the Chiefs only have 2 or 3 very winnable games left on the schedule but this team has to win at Oakland.  Between these distractions and a senile quarterback that continues to start games, there is no way Todd Haley and his Chiefs can lose that game.

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