Matt Cassel Earns Goat Of The Week Honors

In the wake of some Kansas City Chiefs fans cheering QB Matt Cassel’s concussion and right tackle Eric Winston’s strong rebuke of those fans, some things seem to have been overlooked.

One is that Romeo Crennel’s defense gave the Chiefs a chance to beat one of the best teams in the AFC. The other is that Cassel has been the worst quarterback in the NFL this season, something he further proved Sunday before being injured.

Cassel added three turnovers to his league leading total, plus a forth on the goal line that was given to center Ryan Lilja. It was on that play Cassel decided to call his own number instead of running the play that was called, resulting in a botched snap recovered by the Ravens.

His continued terrible play earned him “Goats of the Week” status in Peter Kings weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column.

Matt Cassel, QB, Kansas City

Thirteen turnovers in the first 19 quarters of the year, and the 13th was clearly the most damaging Sunday against Baltimore. In a 3-3 game in the third quarter, Kansas City had the ball at the Baltimore one, and Cassel, hurrying to get the ball so he could make a quarterback sneak, mishandled the snap from new center Ryan Lilja. Baltimore recovered, and was up 6-3 five minutes later.

Kansas City was inches from taking its first lead in regulation time of the season, and Cassel coughed it up. You could see on the replay how Cassel misplayed the situation by leaning forward before the ball was snapped. Just a huge error.

The non-stop turnover train that led to a complete lack of confidence in Cassel is what will put and keep him on the bench more than the concussion handed out by Haloti Ngata.

Considering how terrible Brady Quinn was during his time as a starter for the Cleveland Browns, can it really be that long before we see second-year quarterback Ricky Stanzi get his first action of his career?

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