Read: Chiefs Need To Sign Taylor

On the heels of the Kansas City Chiefs signing Zach Thomas, the next step needs to be for Scott Pioli to bring in Thotaylor1mas’ former teammate and brother-in-law Jason Taylor, according to Bill Williamson.

A Thomas-Taylor reunion — they played together in Miami — would be perfect at the Chiefs move forward.  Yes, Taylor is older — he will be 35 in September — but it’s clear Pioli wants to fortify the young roster with veterans at key positions.

Taylor wouldn’t simply offer experience as the Chiefs transition to the 3-4, he would add a much needed pass-rusher.  While Taylor is no longer a dominant force, he could bridge the gap until the team finds a long term solution.

This is a very interesting idea and one that would give the Chiefs defense a veteran leadership of Mike Vrabel, Thomas and Taylor.  If Vrabel and Thomas can bring out the best in Derrick Johnson and if Taylor can do the same for Turk McBride and Tamba Hali then we could all of a sudden be looking at a very dangerous unit.  And that’s not taking into account any defensive players added through the draft.  The only thing I would keep an eye on is any issues that could arise if Taylor has more marital problems with Thomas’ sister, Katina.  She filed for divorce twice in 2006, citing irreconcilable differences but withdrew the petition each time.  Any team chemistry Thomas and Taylor help build could easily be destroyed by any messy divorce proceedings.

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