Read: Chiefs Pick Becoming More Valuable

There has been plenty of talk surrounding what the Kansas City Cheifs will do with the No. 3 pick in next week’s draft sanchez1and on the first episode of The Red & Gold Report I wondered if anyone even wanted to move up into that spot.

But now comes word from Scouts Inc.’s Todd McShay that the Seattle Seahawks have decided to select USC quarterback Mark Sanchez with the No. 4 pick if he is still on the board to replace Matt Hasselbeck.  That means teams like the New York Jets and Denver Broncos who had hopes of trading up and snagging Sanchez now will have to go all the way to the Chiefs at No. 3 to get him.

jasonsmith3If that weren’t enough, according to Chris Steuber at Scout, the Eagles had a workout with tackle Jason Smith of Baylor.  Smith is expected to go in the top three picks in the draft and Philly is not on the board until No. 21.  But with a second pick in the first round (No. 28) the Eagles are prime candidates to make a move up the board.  The Chiefs are said to be dangling the No. 3 pick to the highest bidder.

Things are really starting to heat up with the draft.  For all the talk from yours truly about Scott Pioli being forced to sit at No. 3, now it looks like he could have his choice of suitors.  The Jets only have one first round pick (No. 17) but if they offer their first and second round selections this year and another first or second rounder in 2010, will Pioli be able to pass that up?  The Eagles are interesting because not only do they have the two first round picks, but they have 12 selections in all putting them in a position to offer the Chiefs not only quality but quantity as well.

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