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Following Saturday’s mini-camp session, four of the Chiefs newly drafted players spoke to the media: DE Tyson Jackson, DE Alex Magee, OT Colin Brown and K Ryan Succop.

Jackson on adjusting to the Kansas City defense:

“It’s pretty different.  It’s more of a 3-4 role here, compared to the 4-3 at LSU.  At the end of the day football is football.  You’ve got to get down, put your hand in the dirt and you’ve got to attack an offensive lineman.  Once I get adjusted and get acquainted with what’s going on around here, I’ll be OK.”

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Magee on his expectations and what impression he wants to make this weekend:

“I think they expect basically the same out of all of us. Everybody has an equal opportunity coming into this weekend. Basically it’s just play to the best of your ability and give all that you’ve got. First impression is the most important, obviously I want to leave a good impression.”

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Brown on adjusting from the spread offense at Missouri to Haley’s system with the Chiefs:

“It’s not as bad as I had feared it would be. There are a lot of similarities. There are some minor things that you have to adjust to, but for the most  part it is pretty similar.”

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Succop on working with special teams coach Steve Hoffman:

“He came to work me out before the draft.  He showed  me something in five minutes and it was probably one of the most helpful tips I’ve had as a kicker my whole career. That was pretty cool how much of a difference it made.  He’s been here with me two days working and I’ve got a whole lot of respect for him.”

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I don’t know what else Jackson has to say before he starts winning everyone over.  Yes, the final judgement will be made based on what he does on the field, but so far he’s said all of the right things in the few quotes we’ve gotten from him since the draft.  Jackson also made a great point about already playing against a variety of top competition in the SEC.  Actions speak louder than words, but until Haley and Scott Pioli actually allow the fans to see these kids in action this is all we can go on.

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