Read: Goff Wanted To Be Wanted

For anyone that is wondering why the San Diego Chargers let Mike Goff go to a division rival without a fight, you’re not alone.  Count Goff among those unsure what exactly happened, according to Kevin Acee at the San Diego Union Tribune:

“It’s kind of like getting blackballed out of the family.  I thought I performed at an optimal level. I guess somebody had to fall on the sword, and it was me.”


Goff was also quick to lavish praise on his new bosses:

“I’m excited with the energy that is there.  There is an attitude, like they are eager to win. It’s like when I came here (in 2004) and talked with Marty (Schottenheimer), Hudson (Houck) and Cam (Cameron).”

I’m not sure he is falling on the sword for the whole organization, but when a guy plays hurt the way he did for a very good running game you have to wonder if this is a case of change for change sake.  It will not get the coverage of the Jay Cutler fiasco but we should keep an eye on San Diego on the heels of this and the LT contract situation.

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