Read: Larry Johnson Drinking In Vegas

When Larry Johnson agreed to a plea deal in March, one of the terms was that he could not drink alcohol or be in any lj5Kansas City Bar/Nightclub after 9pm.  Many wondered if Johnson’s biggest issue would be staying away from alcohol the way Matt Jones violated his probation simply by having a beer during a round of golf.

Well now comes word that Larry Johnson was seen in the Playboy Club at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas playing blackjack and drinking Ketel One and Red Bull.

H/T to the good folks at Arrowhead Pride for coming across this one.  When the plea deal first came down this was my reaction:

I this this is a great deal for Larry Johnson considering the history he already has with the law.  But at the same time it’s that history that makes me think there is no way he doesn’t violate his probation.  You’re telling me LJ will stay away from clubs and alcohol?  I won’t hold my breath.

Now maybe his plea deal specifically laid out where he could and couldn’t consume alcohol the way it was specific to which bars/nightclubs he couldn’t visit after 9pm.  If that’s the case then this will go away along with all of the other “sightings” on gossip sites from this past weekend.  But if he is prohibited from drinking alcohol at all times over the time of his probation then he may be hearing from the DA in Kansas City shortly.  Where is LJ’s head?  You skip out on the final day of the Chiefs OTA and then show up in Vegas playing blackjack and drinking?  Even if legally he is allowed to drink outside of Kansas City, this is a bonehead move.

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