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Between local media talking heads and national draft niks, the general consensus is that the Kansas City Chiefs are looking to select Wake Forest LB Aaron Curry with the #3 pick in this month’s draft.  But over at the Red Zone blog, Kent Babb discusses Scott Pioli’s potential “Plan B”.

As we talked about yesterday, the Chiefs are going to work out Florida State LB/DE Everette Brown.  He isn’t a viable option at #3 and will be gone by the time Kansas City drafts in the third round, so where does he fit in with their plans?  Babb also mentions other interesting workout participants: Utah DE Paul Kruger and Cincinnati DE/LB Connor Barwin.

The idea behind bringing players that are seen as sitting in that second tier of defensive players is to give Scott Pioli and Co. some people to compare with Curry.  If they come to the conclusion that Curry is not leaps and bounds ahead of guys like Brown and Kruger than their plan could be to trade the #3 pick to a team like the Eagles that holds two first round picks in the 20’s.

Babb makes it clear that this is simply a scenario he came up with and not based on any specific rumors he has heard, but it does make sense.  If Curry is on the board when the Chiefs pick, that’s the guy I want.  But if Curry is gone or Pioli decides he can get better value with two later first round picks than one high pick, it would be hard to haggle over that.  It’s a big risk to put all of your eggs in one basket, especially when there’s currently no second round pick to fall back on and plenty of holes still to fill.

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