Reality Check?

It’s true, the Kansas City Chiefs have had an offseason that most teams would kill for.  Solid veteran additions, well received draft class and no drama outside of “Bowe-gate”.  If you didn’t know any better you might think Todd Haley’s Chiefs won 9 games last season.  But are fans and media alike ignoring very obvious problems?  Matt Conner over at the new SB Nation Kansas City site is serving up a dose of reality, headlined by the uncertainty around Matt Cassel.

You may be hopeful.  You may believe.  But this is a quarterback league, like it or not, and you better have a Ravens-like defense in its prime if you’re going to try to win with a Dilfer at quarterback.  To this point, Cassel has not proven himself, save for the big season in New England, and last season simply won’t get it done.  Unfair?  Yes.  He had horrible pieces to play with last season.  Before that?  He played behind Tom Brady.  But the NFL isn’t known for a lot of wiggle room, so Cassel might as well get used to it.   And the Chiefs can add magic pieces all day at other positions, but if the QB can’t get it done…

It’s unhealthy to drink too much Kool-Aid and Conner’s batch of concerns will help to balance out what has seemed like a full hearts and flowers offseason for the Chiefs (not that I’m complaining, but it is what it is).

No matter how much his teammates and/or coaches praise Cassel’s work ethic, he still has a long way to go before justifying the contract Scott Pioli handed him.

He was beat up terribly the majority of last season and while it would be silly to discount that, you also can’t just assume that he will put up a 10-win season the way he did in New England because he’s got a couple of new linemen.

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