Red Zone Podcast: Petro With Brandon Flowers

Kansas City Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers called in to Soren Petro’s weekly Red Zone Podcast today on

Listen to the show via the player below or check out my notes on the interview after the jump.

Flowers talked about everything from how Haley compares to his college coaches to the music of The Killers.  Check it out.

All of the questions and Flowers comments are paraphrased.

On the DBs mostly left unchanged after the defense as a whole had a down year:

Definitely proud.  We do our best to communicate and make plays in the defensive backfield.

Is Todd Haley more or less like the coaches at Virginia Tech?

Less.  My college coaches were very energetic, but Haley is just a cool, laid back guy.

How hard was this OTA compared to last year?

They were real tough.  We just love to compete and the coaches made everything we did a competition.  The team lost a massive amount of weight, even I lost 6-7 pounds.  Started eating right along with the conditioning and I’m now at 192-193.

On changes for the DBs in the 3-4:

Things don’t change much in the backfield.  The biggest change is for the d-linemen and linebackers.  They have all kinds of different blitzes.  I commend those guys for handling all the changes so well.  So far the guys up front have done a great job getting pressure on the quarterback so the DBs are getting their hands on the ball now.  The defense is real fired up going into training camp.

DBs mostly play man.  I’m not into guarantees, but I guarantee you we’ll get pressure on the quarterback and be a lot better than last year.  I have big expectations for the defense.

On the offense:

Offense is looking good so far.  Matt Cassel always puts the ball where the defensive back can’t get to it.  Dwayne Bowe is coming to practice fired up and Larry Johnson is running the ball great.

Do you look at all the tough teams on the schedule?

All the time.  I have it on my computer.  We want to play the big time programs like the Cowboys at home.  It gives us a chance to show the fans what we can do.  With the fans behind us, that’s the place we want to play the tougher teams.

Do you know The Killers music (lead singer is Brandon Flowers)?

I know their lead singer has the same name as me, but I’m not familiar with their music.

Who has been the toughest player to tackle?

Marshawn Lynch with Buffalo.  He tries to run right through you.

Some great stuff from Flowers today.

I’m a fan of the Killers and I would have never thought to ask Flowers about them, good pull by Petro.

I think it’s interesting that the part of the defense that could handle a big transition the best (DBs) has the least to adjust to.  Did he really call Todd Haley a “cool, laid back guy”?  Maybe we were all a little quick to jump on the “he’s a bad ass” bandwagon.

If someone as chiseled as Flowers is dropping nearly 10 pounds, it’s pretty clear how tough the OTA conditioning has been.  I have a feeling training camp is going to be just as bad, if not worse.  Stay hydrated, Brandon!

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