Red Zone Podcast: Petro With Matt Cassel

Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel called in to Soren Petro’s weekly Red Zone Podcast today on

Listen to the show via the player below or check out my notes on the interview after the jump.

Cassel talked about everything from Larry Johnson’s potential this year to his fastball.  Check it out.

All of Petro’s questions and Cassel’s comments are paraphrased.

On how close he is to being on the same page as Todd Haley and Chan Gailey:

It’s a work in progress.  It’s a new system for me.  Some of the terminology and plays are similar to what we did in New England, but the overall scheme is much different.  For the most part I’ve got a good grasp of what’s going on and going into camp I feel good about the offense.

Do you need a full offseason or season to build chemistry as an offense?

You don’t need a full offseason or regular season to get chemistry.  You just work your reps and make sure they have an understanding of where they need to be.  We’ll have plenty of time to accomplish all of that before the start of this season.

What have you seen from Dwayne Bowe?

He’s a talented guy with all of the physical tools.  There’s a lot to like, he just has to keep working and pushing himself each and every day.  He knows we expect a lot out of him, especially with Tony Gonzalez being gone.

Your reaction to the Tony Gonzalez trade?

I don’t make those decisions.  They asked me to come in and play the position of quarterback and that’s what I plan on doing.  From a personnel standpoint, I just stay out of it.  Whoever is out there on Sundays, we’ll do our best to win the game.

Have you seen enough from Larry Johnson to think he can be a big player again?

I think Larry has done everything he needs to do to be ready for this upcoming season.  He’s finished every single run in practice.  His talent level is one of the best in the NFL.

On setting individual statistical goals for himself:

Normally I don’t set those kind of specific goals for myself.  I pride myself on taking care of the ball, but I can’t tell you I hope to throw 20 TDs or less than 5 INTs.  That would be great, but I can’t tell you specific numbers.  The quarterback is expected to make plays and take care of the football.  I have a lot of confidence in my abilities to play this position and with the talent we have on this team we could have a lot of success.

How did you find out about the trade?

Bill Belichick called and said a trade was made to the Kansas City Chiefs.  I was in the car with my wife, we pulled over and celebrated because we’ve talked for a while about me being a starting quarterback in this league.

Have you talked to Broncos coach Josh McDaniels?

We talked a lot before everything went down and I called him after he because head coach to congratulate him.  He’s a great coach and I wish him nothing but success except two games every year.

How do you like Kansas City?

The people have been great and the community has been so welcoming.  I’m really fired up about this team.  We have a lot of young guys and we’re all looking forward to big things this season.  I hope all this hard word pays off.

Do you plan on being here for more than one year?

That’s what I hope.  I have a lot of confidence in Scott Pioli and Todd Haley.  I love what I’m seeing from him with his tenacity when he gets after us.  I’m excited to be here and build the organization in the right direction.

What was your best pitch at USC (Cassel was a 36th round pick in the MLB draft)?

My fastball was my best and only pitch.

When was the last time you talked to Tom Brady?

Yesterday, believe it or not.  We just talked about life and a little about football.

Who’s the better head coach: Bill Belichick or Pete Carroll?

They are just so different and have both been successful in their own right.  I guess I’d have to go with Bill Belichick since he played me.

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