Remembering Bill Grigsby

Kansas City broadcasting legend Bill Grigsby has received plenty of well-deserved remembrances over the last couple of days.  The best of them all, comes to us from Joe Posnanski who got to know Grigsby well while they both worked in Kansas City.

He used to say that he had a lot of stories, and some of them were even true.

One of those true stories was about the time he went up to St. Joseph to do a speaking engagement with former Chiefs coach Hank Stram.  There was a long version to this story, and an even longer version, but the short one is that they had decided to split the money.  While Stram was speaking, they handed Grigsby an envelope.  He sneaked off to the bathroom and saw there was $400 in there — way more than he had expected.  He skimmed $100 off the top, resealed the envelope, and came back.  When Stram was finished talking, Grigsby gave him the envelope and did his talk.

When Grigs was finished, he went over to Stram and said: “How’d we do Henry?”

And Stram said: “Great.  We’ve got $200 to split right down the middle.”

If I tell you that Bill Grigsby had literally an unlimited number of these kinds of stories, I would still not be doing him justice.  I used to say to him that he must sit at home and think them up.  He did not deny the charge.  I think that’s what struck me most about him.  Bill saw life through a prism of stories and one-liners and wonderful little memories.  “I will never forget … ” is how he began so many of his sentences, and he never did forget, and he sometimes remembered a bit too happily, which he saw as the greatest gift of all.

Not that it’s a surprise, but a really, really great tribute from Posnanski.  Head over to the Star and read the entire column.  They really don’t make ’em like Bill Grigsby anymore.

Some people might think this is a creepy idea, but I really hope that Price Chopper still uses the Grigsby tag at the end of their commercials.  To me, hearing his voice every week on the game broadcasts became just as much of gameday as Mitch and Lenny.

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