Reminder: Get In Your Seats Early Tonight!

There is a ton of excitement surrounding tonight’s Monday Night Football matchup at The New Arrowhead between the Chiefs and Chargers.  Over at the official site, Josh Looney once again is pointing out that anyone attending should be in their seats early.

What the Chiefs have planned shortly after 8:35 PM will only add to the electric atmosphere of Arrowhead.  The energy tonight will be unbelievable and it’s something that the Chiefs must feed off of early.  Arrowhead will be rocking out of the gates and it’s the Chiefs job to keep it that way.  There’s only one way to do that and it’s hitting San Diego in the mouth early and often.

There isn’t a home field advantage that can match Arrowhead’s when the Sea of Red is pounding the seats and the decibel level skyrockets.  The Chiefs must start out fast to feed the fans.

And there must be fans to feed!  So make sure you wrap up your tailgating with plenty of time to be in your seats by 8:30.  No one likes to cut their pregaming short, but if what I’m being told will happen actually goes down you will not be disappointed.

You don’t want to be the person that had tickets to the first game at The New Arrowhead but missed out on the big opening.

After last season’s disaster, hopefully the fans will be deafening starting in pregame and right through the opening kickoff.

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