Report: Georgia Student Says Moreno Punched Him

A University of Georgia student claims that Denver Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno punched him in the face, according to The Augusta Chronicle.

The 18-year-old student didn’t report the assault until Monday afternoon, and only after he “sought advice from friends,” according to the police report.

Workers at the UGA health clinic told the student Monday that he had a concussion, and he filed a police report the same afternoon.  But police aren’t sure what happened; the student was drunk at the time of the fight, and his friends filled in the details for him later.

The victim said he was at Bourbon Street bar on East Broad Street after midnight Saturday when three other men jumped him, according to police.  Friends were helping him leave the bar when Moreno ran up and punched him once in the face, the student told police.

“We developed information through a third party that Moreno said that he was struck first,” police Capt. Clarence Holeman said.  “We’re in the process of trying to obtain statements from everyone concerned, including Moreno.”

Moreno, who was at the bar Saturday night, spoke voluntarily with investigators Tuesday afternoon at the Lexington Road police headquarters.

Any time you have college kids and booze involved you have to question the validity of the claims, especially when it takes a couple of days for them to decide it was an NFL player that came in throwing haymakers.

I’m sure the Broncos are stoked that they have some more drama to deal with this offseason, but this one can’t rank too high on their list of issues.

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