Report: Moeaki Suffers Concussion Against Denver

If you were watching closely at the end of the Kansas City Chiefs 49-29 loss to the Denver Broncos, you saw Tony Moeaki fall to the ground following an onside kick.  According to 610 Sports’ Nick Wright Wright, it is bad news for the rookie.

SCOOP- #Chiefs tight end Tony Moeaki suffered a concussion late in the Broncos game.

Immediately following the onside try, you can see Moeaki stand, up fall down and then helped to his feet.  It was scary looking and it won’t be much of a surprise if he does indeed have a concussion.

Following the game, Todd Haley refused to shake hands with Denver coach Josh McDaniels for unknown reasons.  Could the helmet-to-helmet hit of Moeaki be the reason?

Moeaki has been not just one of the best Chiefs rookies from a great draft class, but one of the few sure handed targets for Matt Cassel.  Losing him for any length of time would all but eliminate the tight end position from the Kansas City passing game.

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