Report: Haley Stripped Weis Of Play Calling

When the Kansas City Chiefs went away from the running game against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday after the game started to get out of hand the blame seemed to be thrown at outgoing offensive coordinator Charlie Weis.  But 610 Sports had several reports this morning that Weis wasn’t even the one calling the plays.

@bobfescoe reports that Charlie Weis held court after the game Sunday [at a local pizza place], saying that he was stripped of play-calling duties in the 2nd half.

@bobfescoe has photographic evidence of Weis at the restaurant & Bill Maas was told during the week that “Charlie is already in Florida.”

The first thing that jumps out is that if Todd Haley took the play calling away from Weis at halftime, he has a lot of explaining to do.  Not that the head coach doesn’t have the right to do it, because he is ultimately responsible for what happens but why do you wait that long?  It just goes to show that Haley should have relieved Weis of his duties as soon as the move to Florida was confirmed, as we talked about at length.

On top of why he didn’t take over before the game against the Raiders, Haley will have to answer for Kansas City’s terrible performance on offense.  When you have the league’s leading rushing attack it is unacceptable to be shut out on the ground the way they were in the second half.

It is also more proof that the Chiefs need to bring in an offensive coordinator that will serve as more of a maintenance man for the offense while Haley calls the plays.

The second thing is, do you believe that this actually happened the way Weis was telling anyone that would listen?   Maybe people were giving him a hard time about the game and it was a quick way to deflect the criticism.

It’s important to remember that Weis was reportedly saying these things at a restaurant when the majority of the team was still at Arrowhead Stadium trying to figure out what went wrong against the Ravens.  So until I hear from Haley that he’s the one that called the plays (a question he’s unlikely to answer) I have trouble taking the word of a guy that has zero respect for his fellow players and fellow coaches.

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