Retired Players File Lawsuit Against Mike Vrabel

Former Kansas City Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel left behind the NFL this offseason so he could join the Ohio State coaching staff, but the game is following him into his new career.  Vrabel and former teammate Tom Brady were the only players named by 28 retired NFL players that filed suit Tuesday claiming the NFLPA had no right to negotiate for them during the lockout.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the former players feel since the union had decertified that anything having to do with their pension or health care was not properly agreed.  The plaintiffs want the “right to negotiate with the League the right and benefits for NFL retirees”.

The players’ lawyer, Michael Hausfeld claims “retirees rights were sacrificed for the benefit of the active players.

He said this lawsuit does not threaten the new CBA that ended the lockout.  Hausfeld didn’t tell Yahoo! Sports, however, why Vrabel and Brady were the only ones singled out from the Brady v. NFL suit.

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