Rick Gosselin: Berry Surest Bet For Greatness

One of the best draft analysts around is the Dallas Morning News’ Rick Gosselin.  His mock before the draft will be a must read, but first he has put together his list of Top 100 prospects in the 2010 draft and is leading the way with defense.

Pencil in Suh at No. 1 on the annual Top 100 of SportsDay.  The Top 100 is compiled based on conversations with NFL general managers, personnel directors, pro and college coaches and scouts.  This is not a mock draft.  Teams will skip around the board on draft day to make selections that fit their needs.

Spotlight on Eric Berry, S, Tennessee: Berry may be the surest bet for greatness at the top of this draft board.  He started all four seasons in high school and all three in college.  He left high school and college as an All-America.  He’s leaving school early to turn pro, but benefited in 2009 by playing at Tennessee for Monte Kiffin, a veteran NFL coordinator.  Safeties historically don’t go high in drafts, but Berry does not feel out of place with his lofty status on this board.  “At the end of the day, I believe I’m supposed to be up there with those guys,” Berry said.  “I believe I’m the most talented player in this draft.”

One of the only things Berry and I disagree on is that I feel Suh is the most talented player in the draft, but he’s right there behind him with Gerald McCoy.

I know it sounds like a broken record, but for a team in search of not just playmakers, but especially on the defensive side of the ball I don’t see how there is a discussion for the Chiefs if they stay at No. 5 and Berry is still on the board.

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