Rick Gosselin’s Final Mock: Chiefs Select Leadership

There are countless mock drafts out there, but few that are looked at with the same respect as Rick Gosselin’s.  Yesterday he published his Top 100 Prospects in The Dallas Morning News and praised a certain safety.  So it comes as no surprise that same player is selected for the Chiefs when he is still on the board at No. 5 in Gosselin’s final mock draft.

Eric Berry, Safety, Tennessee

The Chiefs brought in Mike Vrabel for leadership a year ago.  But he’s 35 this season.  Berry will be running the KC defense inside of a year.  He’s never not started in his football career and also offers corner cover skills.

Other needs: DT, LB, S, WR

Forget about where certain positions “should” be drafted.  Short of trading back, Berry is the pick tonight.

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