Ricky Stanzi Over Tyler Bray?

It’s not a competition that will get the most coverage when training camp rolls around next month, but the Kansas City Chiefs will let rookie Tyler Bray and Ricky Stanzi battle it out to be the team’s third quarterback.RickySTanzi5

Stanzi has been in Kansas City since former GM Scott Pioli selected him in the fifth round out of Iowa in 2011. However, during his time with the Chiefs he’s yet to attempt a pass in a regular season NFL game.

Can the 21-year-old rookie Bray end Stanzi’s tenure with the Chiefs? After a brief showdown during OTAs, it appeared he had the upper hand. But an interesting nugget from Don Pompei of NFP gives a very different impression.

“Ricky Stanzi might have the early edge over Tyler Bray because word out of Chiefs camp is he has Andy Reid’s offense down pat,” Pompei reports. “But Bray looks like he has more physical talent. In fact, there are those in the Chiefs offices who believe Bray throws as well as any quarterback in the draft.”

To me it’s that last part that has given and will continue to give Bray the edge. Even if Stanzi absorbs the playbook better, he is four years older than the undrafted rookie and was unable to get on the field over the last couple of years even as the Chiefs rolled out some of the worst quarterbacks in the league.

Bray is the perfect quarterback for Reid and his coaches to develop while Alex Smith is the unquestioned starter. Maybe down the road Kansas City gets lucky and Bray is the successor to Smith or is able to be flipped for a draft pick.

No matter how well he performs in limited action this summer, Stanzi will have limited value to the Chiefs this year or beyond.

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