River Falls Favre Reaction

The full court Brett Favre media coverage is on and should go into overdrive during the Chiefs-Vikings game Friday night.  How do the Chiefs players and coaches feel about the man that will be overshadowing them?  Bob Gretz and Kent Babb have some great quotes this morning.BrettFavreVikings

Tamba Hali:

“Really?  That’s nice.”

When he was told Favre was likely to start against the Chiefs, Hali said “Really? Huh.” Then he shrugged and walked away.

Bernard Pollard, who was part of the defense torched by Favre during last year’s Jets game:

“If I can get a free shot on him, I’m going to let him know.  I’m going to pay him back.”

Mike Vrabel on Favre missing training camp:

“It would be a distraction here for someone to show up in the middle of camp,however many two-a-days we had, however many full-padded practices — that’s certainly not what we’d be looking for.  He’s a competitor and I’m sure that’s what is driving him now.  I hope for his sake his body can still match his competitiveness.”

During the Chiefs’ daily running session yesterday, Vrabel was a bit more harsh:

“They got Brett Favre, (Bleep) ’em!”

Brandon Flowers, who got his first two career interceptions against Favre (including a pick six):

“Everybody wants to play against a quarterback like Brett Favre.  Those are games you never forget, when you play against a great quarterback. I  hope he plays.”

Todd Haley:

“He’s one of the great players of all time.  We (Arizona) went up there to the Meadowlands last year and he probably had one of his better games in a long time against us.  So I don’t have fond memories of Brett Favre.”

If Favre takes more than one, three step drop on Friday night I would be surprised.  But if you listen to Pollard, he sure would like to be right up front when Farve takes those steps.  Brett, if I were you, aside from being very rich I would take good care of my knees Friday.

I am absolutely shocked that the NFL Network hasn’t moved Friday’s game from a “replay” at 11pm EST to live at 8pm EST.  TV rules aren’t my thing, so I don’t know the red tape they might have to go through, but it seems like the perfect move.  Instead, while Favre is making his debut for the Vikings, the NFL Network will be showing the first episode of “Making The Squad: Miami Dolphins”.

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