Rockhurst-Blue Springs Rivalry Could Come To Arrowhead

Can’t think of a better way to improve the Rockhurst-Blue Springs rivalry?  How about playing the game at the New Arrowhead?  Blue Springs AD Tim Round told Terez Paylor that Chiefs sales and marketing director of special events Gary Spani brought up the idea.

“He gave me a call and asked if we might be interested,” Round said. “There was an inquiry and we’re investigating it, but there certainly hasn’t been a decision.”

Rockhurst athletic director Pete Campbell confirmed Tuesday that he and Round had briefly spoken about the idea of the game at Arrowhead.  However, Campbell described the details surrounding the concept as “vague” and added that he needed to hear much more information before taking a public stance on the matter.

Arrowhead Stadium has played host before to high school football games.  The Mo-Kan All-Star game, pitting the Kansas City area’s top seniors from Missouri and Kansas, was held there in 1992 and 1993.  Missouri state championship games also were played at Arrowhead in 1973, 1982, 1984 and 1986.

Yes, yes and yes.

As both schools are quick to point out, the idea is in the infancy stages, but how great would this be?  I’ve seen high school football games at smaller college stadiums, but never anything the scale of Arrowhead.

What would make the event so great is also the problem.  Obviously you would only put people in the field level, but then you have to find out if filling those seats would be enough to make the game profitable.  Though that is something for Spani to work out with both of the schools.

No matter the red tape, this is something that should happen.

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