Romeo Crennel “Not Exactly Sure” Why Jamaal Charles Wasn’t Involved In Chiefs Loss

There was no shortage of head scratchers for the Kansas City Chiefs in the aftermath of their embarrassing 26-16 loss to the Oakland Raiders. From the continued turnovers to the inability to lay a hand on Carson Palmer.

The most baffling takeaway from Sunday is the complete lack of involvement for the Chiefs best player, RB Jamaal Charles. Even as the Kansas City offense has been stagnant all season, Charles has been the one person able to deliver big time plays for Brian Daboll’s offense.

However, as the game rolled on and the Raiders pushed the Chiefs deeper into the cellar, Charles remained a non-factor. He finished the day with just four yards on five carries and three catches for six yards.

Certainly head coach Romeo Crennel would have an answer for such a huge mistake after the game, right? Not quite.

“I’m not exactly sure,” Crennel told reporters. “We were rotating our backs in there. Hillis was back and he was able to get some carries. He was somewhat effective. When a guy’s effective, we kind of stay with him a little bit. Hillis was able to run through there and break some tackles and get some things done.’’

Isn’t it the head coach’s job to know what is going on with his team? Can you imagine if Todd Haley had stood up last season and answered that question the same way? Scott Pioli wouldn’t have waited for the New York Jets debacle to send him packing. Yet, somehow this sort of dumbfounded postgame press conference has become par for the course with Crennel.

As for the “effective” running of Hillis that Crennel ending up talking about? That was one 17-yard run. Outside of that rumble, Hillis had just six yards on three carries. Not exactly something that should keep one of the most efficient running backs in the league on the sidelines.

The Chiefs have problems from the owner to the GM to the coach and right down to the 53rd player. If this sort of ineptness continues much longer, how can anyone justify spending a dollar more to see this franchise?

If the head coach isn’t going to know what is going on with his best player, why should any of the fans try to figure it out? Just an absolute mess.

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