Crennel Praises Both Orton And Cassel

The introductory press conference for new Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel sounded a lot like most of what we’ve heard over the last few years since Scott Pioli took over. There wasn’t much new information and he spoke mostly in generalities.

When Crennel was asked about the quarterback situation, he spoke glowingly about both Kyle Orton and Matt Cassel.

“Kyle did a tremendous job for us and I’m probably not sitting here if Kyle hadn’t done the job that he did and I’m very appreciative of that,” Crennel said when asked if he wanted Orton back.

The head coach was quick to note that Cassel and rookie Ricky Stanzi are the only signal callers under contract, leaving any chance for Orton to play for him again up in the air.

As for Cassel, Crennel believes the Chiefs can win with him under center.

“We’ve been to a playoff with Matt Cassel so I don’t think that Matt Cassel has fallen off of the wagon overnight. I think he’s a good talent, a good quarterback and he’s taken us to a playoff so I anticipate that he can do it again.”

Crennel continued to point out Orton is an unrestricted free agent and will be the only one that can ultimately decide if he’s back in Kansas City next season with Cassel.

It’s interesting — though hardly surprising — Crennel refused to go the Charlie Wies route and talk about needing to “fix the quarterback”. Even before he was lost for the season with a hand injury, Cassel was struggling after taking a huge step back in his development. No new head coach is going to trash guys while the ink is still dry on his new contract, but hopefully he doesn’t really believe Cassel is the guy that will bring the Chiefs to the promised land.

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