Rookie Asamoah Ready If Needed

Though there is a report that Ryan Lilja will play Sunday with his broken thumb, backup Jon Asamoah told The Star that he is ready to step in if he’s needed.

“You always have to be prepared,” Asamoah said.  “You can’t be out there not knowing what you need to do.  I’m ready for anything, just like every week I come in with the same mind-set.”

Asamoah’s teammates say they are confident in him.

“All you have to do is look at the preseason film, and it shows he has talent,” said center Casey Wiegmann.  “He has the work ethic to do it, and the want-to.  That’s more so than anything when you play the offensive line — you’ve got to have the want-to.”

The one positive that came out of the Chiefs playing so short handed along the offensive line for so long in training camp is that Asamoah was able to get a lot of extra reps.  That’s something that will be invaluable if he is called upon the way he was for a short while in the Indianapolis game after Brandon Albert went down and Brian Waters shifted over to left tackle.

If Todd Haley has any concerns about what Asamoah can do, he isn’t showing it.  The rookie is the only guard on the roster other than the two starters.  If he was still a work in progress the Chiefs would have a veteran guard on the depth chart along with Asamoah.

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