Ryan Succop’s XS SEC Punishment

The Kansas City Chiefs have had no shortage of SEC players over the years. Adding from the country’s best conference is never a bad idea, but it can lead to some major wagers between teammates during the season.

“It’s really nice when those guys are wearing Carolina gear,” Succop told ABC in Columbia. “Shorts, hat, shirt, everything after we beat them every week.”

Of all the debts paid, the best was from former Chiefs (and Clemson) tackle Barry Richardson. While he is most known among Chiefs fans for decking a coach, it’s a much scarier scene that Succop enjoys recalling.

“You better believe I gave him my size South Carolina gear that he had to wear all week after we been them. He was wearing that around the facility and I was really excited to take a lot of pictures of him.”

Thankfully Succop did not provide any of those pictures.

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