Ryan Succop Picks Up Where He Left Off

The Kansas City Chiefs may have just started their organized team activities, but one member of the team already seems to be in mid-season form, according to 610’s Nick Wright via Twitter.

Highlight of OTAs- Succop good from 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65.

Josh Looney also mentioned the 65-yarder and noted that it was wind aided.  To me 65 yards is 65 yards no matter what the wind is doing.

That said, the final kick isn’t the most impressive part of his day at work.  To me it’s nailing from six different distances, including four from 50+.  Every so often you’ll take a shot at an end-of-half 60 yard boot, but games will be won or lost on Succop’s ability to continue hitting 86% of his attempts the way he did during his rookie season.

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