Bernard Pollard Weighs In On Bounty Scandal

Throughout his career, former Kansas City Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard is most known as the player that has seriously injured Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. He was also in on the play of Wes Welker when the wide receiver tore up his knee, though the injury happened without contact.

Before he was the guy that hit Brady low (and kicked off the career of Matt Cassel), Pollard was known as “The Bonecrusher” during his time at Purdue. So it should come as no surprise he is less than pleased with how the league is coming down on the New Orleans Saints bounty program.

Pollard sounded off on KILT in Houston, giving his opinion of what type of league NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is trying to put together.

“From what I see we’re gonna be running around with helmets and flags on, and I guess in about seven years,” the former Chiefs second round pick said.

He continued from there, saying the league is ignoring the truth of the league.

“This is a freaking violent sport. We get hit. So I don’t know what you’re trying to prove by telling us — I could understand if people were maliciously going after people, hitting them in the face. But as defenders, man, that’s why we are a defender, because we’re protecting something. We’re protecting our end zone.”

It would appear Pollard is missing the point here. Like him or not, it’s hard to deny Goodell is trying to eliminate malicious hits. That’s exactly what the Saints (and other that have been going on over the years) bounty program was all about.

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