Schefter: Chiefs Big Draft Winners

Now that people around the league have had a few days to sit with each team’s complete draft class, ESPN’s Adam Schefter has a list of the five biggest draft winners.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

After speaking with roughly a half-dozen teams and asking them who they thought had the best drafts, Kansas City was a team that was continually mentioned.  What impressed them was not first-round pick Eric Berry, who was an easy pick.  What stood out was the Chiefs’ second round: slot receiver Dexter McCluster and cornerback Javier Arenas.  Both have speed and talent, and both will help.

The only thing I didn’t like about McCluster is that it might have been a tad early for him, but Scott Pioli later found out that he would have been off the board by the time Kansas City’s next pick came around in the second round.  If the Chiefs run the ball anywhere near as well as they did at the end of 2009, McCluster will easily be able to find space in the passing game out of the slot.  He will be a non-stop matchup problem

Speaking of matchup problems, that’s exactly what Arenas provides.  A ball-hawking, blitzing, speed demon as your nickel corner could end up being invaluable.  This is a pick that I have liked more and more as the last few days have passed and I realized just how much he can help Romeo Crennel do exactly what he wants from day one.

For the record, Oakland and Denver were awarded an “honorable mention”.  San Diego was nowhere to be found.

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