Schlereth, Wiley Hold Arrowhead In High Regard

An argument that will be settled is which stadium in the NFL is the toughest for the road team. bloggers ranked Arrowhead 4th and then on NFL live the question was posed to former Bronco Mark Schlereth and and former Charger Marcellus Wiley and they were both very clear with their answer: Arrowhead.

“I’ll base it on what I know and the toughest stadium in the National Football League to play in when I was playing, and I don’t think it’s changed much, is Arrowhead Stadium,” said Schlereth, a member of the Denver Broncos from 1995-2000.  “It’s so loud and the fans sit right on top of you.  You get in that offensive huddle, they’re going to town and you can’t hear the quarterback. When you head up to the line of scrimmage it is impossible (to hear).”

“You talk about Arrowhead Stadium, that noise and that fandemonium out there; it’s the best stadium by far,” said Wiley.  “You remember one thing about the National Anthem when you’re at Arrowhead…and the home of the CHIEEEEEFFFS.’  Oh man, that’s three points on the board right there.”

When the place is packed and cranking, there is no equal to Arrowhead.  None.  Plain and simple.

Unfortunately, recently there have been more empty seats which has led to the home field advantage eroding some.  We have, however, seen glimpses of the “old Arrowhead” at the opener against San Diego as well as the playoff game vs. the Ravens.

If the Chiefs can take another step forward in 2011, we can all expect to see more of that tormenting sea of red and less of those pesky yellow seats.

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