Scouts Inc: Chiefs Don’t Feel Bulaga Is A Left Tackle

In Todd McShay’s latest mock draft for ESPN, he projected the Kansas City Chiefs to select Bryan Bulaga.  Another member of the Scouts Inc. team, Steve Muench, now believes that option is less likely.

There has always been a debate about whether Iowa OT Bryan Bulaga can hold up on the left side in the NFL.  Our film study leads us to believe Bulaga can make it as a left tackle but we’re hearing that Kansas City — which is currently projected to take Bulaga at No. 5 overall — does not feel the same way.

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli is known to go with safe picks and Bulaga’s shorter arms and lack of elite agility could give Pioli something to think about.  And should he decide Bulaga is not the pick we think, it’s unlikely Kansas City goes with Oklahoma OT Trent Williams, either, given concerns about Williams’ football character.

All that means Tennessee S Eric Berry is back in play at No. 5, and while Pioli might not prefer to draft a safety that high, Berry is a rare overall prospect and the top player on the board at the Chiefs’ No. 2 position of need.  From a value standpoint, it makes sense.

Forget from just a value standpoint, it flat out just makes sense.

Scout’s Inc. feels safety is the Chiefs second biggest need, but after watching the embarrassment that was the play from both safety positions last season that it clearly is No. 1.  Kansas City can rely on at least one solid starter at every other position group.

If you pass on a player strictly because “the book” says you can’t spend big time money on him then you are doing it for all of the wrong reasons.

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