Chiefs Lose Again

It’s been a tough stretch for the Kansas City Chiefs. They’ve gone from a 9-0 team trying to lock down home field advantage


throughout the playoffs to a 9-3 team that won’t get a single home game.

Now the Seattle Seahawks — courtesy of their fans — are kicking the Chiefs while they’re down.

During a dominating victory over the New Orleans Saints Monday night, the Seahawks “12th man” broke the Arrowhead record for loudest outdoor stadium.

Sure, it was by a measly 0.03 decibels, but a record is a record and the Arrowhead Stadium crowd that set the record back on October 13th is now a footnote.

Can the Chiefs get back in the record books this season?

Maybe. Over the final month there will only be one more game at Arrowhead and it’s against the Indianapolis Colts Week 15. Barring this three game losing streak being stretched to five, that game against Andrew Luck and company won’t likely have much of a say in the final playoff matchups.

Above all else, the Chiefs need to get back to winning football games. With that said, it would be nice to see the team rally the fans for that final home game to try and take back their record.

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