Sean Weatherspoon Pulled Off Draft Boards?

With word coming out that the Kansas City Chiefs are looking to trade back into the middle of the first round, a whole host of new players could now be on their radar, including Missouri linebacker Sean Weatherspoon. But according to Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly (via the Boston Herald) there are teams that have pulled the Tiger off of their draft boards due to his constant roaring on the field.

“He’ll knock your head off, he’s an explosive hitter,” Nawrocki said.  “But the other thing that stands out is that he never shuts his mouth.  It’s a big concern to a lot of teams that have stepped in and even removed him from their draft boards.  That’s how strongly they feel that he could negatively impact the locker room.”

It’s a pretty serious contention, one you have to think Nawrocki wouldn’t make unless he knew for sure.  We hadn’t heard this from anyone else.  He describes Weatherspoon as a “love-or-hate guy,” someone who has received a fifth-round grade from some and a first-round grade from others.

Nawrocki still doesn’t see him dropping out of the first round.  But he didn’t back off his claim one bit.

“The big concern is just how, (he’s) a little bit like Ochocinco in Cincinnati,” Nawrocki continued.  “It’s going to become a big distraction, and it’s going to get in the way, it’s going to be difficult to coach.  He’s never played a snap in the NFL and hasn’t done a thing in the National Football League, and he’s already worrying about the things that really shouldn’t matter for a guy at that stage in his career.  He’s worrying about his image and his post-career aspirations.   That’s a concern.  You see guys late in their career like Jason Taylor getting involved in Dancing With The Stars, and there were coaches that didn’t like that.  For some of the same reasons, I think it’s an issue with Sean.  He’s worrying about things he shouldn’t be worrying about.  He’s trying to be something that he may not be.  From that respect, there are concerns.”

If this really is an issue for Weatherspoon — it’s the first I’m hearing it — there definitely are teams that will pull him off their board.  With that being said, I don’t see him getting past the Giants at 15 who need help at linebacker about as much as the Chiefs do.  Remember, no matter how many teams downgrade a player, it only takes one to make him a first round pick (Hello, Darrius Heyward-Bey).

Weatherspoon is a player that a lot of Chiefs fans are very familiar with and could be a target for Pioli if he finds a trading partner in the San Francisco 49ers, who own the pick two slots ahead of the Giants.

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