Several Chiefs Earn Midseason Praise

The Kansas City Chiefs will be halfway through their season after Sunday’s game in Oakland and we will have our midseason awards next week.  Sports Illustrated’s Peter King has already put out his All-Pro team and awards for the midpoint and he is recognizing a few Chiefs.

All-Pro Selections

G Ryan Lilja
Kansas City Chiefs
Shored up Kansas City line; now Chiefs lead NFL in rushing.

CB Brandon Flowers
Kansas City Chiefs
This emerging secondary star plays well bumping and in tight coverage.


Scott Pioli
Executive of the Year
Ex-Patriot’s second draft in K.C. helped Chiefs to surprising 2-game AFC West lead.

Hard to argue with any of these selections.

Lilja has been great, though I wouldn’t have had any issue with replacing him with Brian Waters who in my mind has been just as good if not better than Lilja this season.  Either way, King made the right decision to honor the Chiefs offense line that is responsible for the league’s leading rushing attack.

You are going to see more and more national writers start to realize just how good Flowers is.  Seeing him up there instead of Revis is a great start, but it also means that a big pay day isn’t far behind.  As we’ve seen time and again, top tier cornerbacks don’t come cheap and Flowers is on the verge of being the best in the league.

Pioli catches (rightfully so) grief for a terrible first draft class, but I think we can all agree he has more than redeemed himself with the best overall batch of rookies in the NFL.

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