Shane Bannon Is Ready For Some Football

He may not be taking part in the Kansas City Chiefs unofficial mini-camp taking place this week, but that doesn’t mean that seventh round pick Shane Bannon is preparing any less for his first shot at the NFL, he told the Republican American.

“The second you let yourself get down that this isn’t happening right now and that you aren’t in camp is the second you put yourself in a negative position where you aren’t going to be as successful,” Bannon said . “I am going to keep my chin up, keep a smile on my face, keep working hard and when they call me, I’ll be ready.”

He has been training in New Haven with Yale players four days per week, running routes for the team’s quarterbacks, lifting and doing cardio workouts.  He also works out on his own every day to get in the two-a-day mode for the NFL.

The only contact he has had with the Chiefs was on draft day, and they basically told him to get in as good a shape as he could and to lose 10 pounds from his Yale playing weight of 265.  He’s already lost eight.

“This is the first taste I’ve gotten of football being my entire life so it has been interesting and awesome,” Bannon said. “It is what I enjoy most.  Hopefully I will be able to continue doing that for a while.”

Would be great to see Bannon — and the rest of the Chiefs draft picks — in Kansas City working out with his teammates, but I understand it is a lot to ask kids that have yet to get paid to fly back and forth across the country.

At least Bannon is staying fresh on the football field, running routes and not just doing all of his work in the gym.  I think one of the biggest surprises we are going to see whenever football comes back is how many well conditioned players look like they haven’t touched a football in months, well, because they haven’t.

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